As a little girl, I loved watching the women in my life adorn themselves with beautiful hairstyles, elaborate clothing, and captivating scents.Though both my grandmothers worked in a school cafeteria, they were elegant ladies.

As a fashionista in corporate America, my mother never conformed to the "status quo" of what a businesswoman was "supposed" to wear. She wasn't the type to wear a classic blue suit or a pair of tiny pearl earrings. Instead, she developed her own style while remaining loyal to herself, always dressed in an incredibly stylish
yet professional manner.

On every occasion, they dressed to impress. For them, every last detail mattered. These women were my icons.

I now understand that these women had been encouraging me to embrace being "Uniquely Irregular" and to be driven by my self-expression, which I was unaware
of at the time.

Fashion should be thoughtfully chosen and intentionally planned. We have curated several collections. They are more than just accessories. They were designed to adorn and elevate your style.

Explore our "Uniquely Irregular" designs while Making a Statement Without Saying a Word.